Roblee Orthodontics Review

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May 17, 2019 | Posted by P.A.

Roblee Orthodontics has helped me so much. I’ve been with this crew for 4 years! My family always said it looked like a grenade went off inside my mouth. Now my top and bottom row of teeth are actually touching! I’ve gone through expanders, braces, and now Myo Therapy. Shout out to Stacy. This place is amazing, and I’ve changed so much. There are so many cool things about this office, starting with the people here. There are snacks, magazines, toys, a star bucks machine, and we get a cake from each treat meant. Last but not least we get reward points for gift cards. This is the best ortho place in town, and that’s saying something given that my friends family owns Northwest Orthodontics. So thank you for everything you’ve given me, and I hope you can give it to someone else!